Government ramps up HR support for Hanoi tourism

VIETNAM: Hanoi’s tourism department is ramping up support in HR development as local travel agencies begin to reopen up shop.

To jumpstart the industry, the Hanoi Department of Tourism has already begun coordinating with some universities and other concerned agencies to organise training courses.

The reduction of taxes, land rents, and interest rates for travel firms, as well as the rescheduling of debts and payments of social insurance, have also been proposed to authorities.

Following the tight restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, over 95% of travel businesses and agents in Hanoi either closed or suspended their operations. This left at least 21,500 travel industry professionals without jobs at the height of the disruption.

Before the pandemic, tourism had already become one of the major sectors in Vietnam. It welcomed a record-high number of foreign tourists in 2019, making a direct contribution of over 9% to the economy that year.

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