Google still most ideal employer for business and IT talent

SINGAPORE: Google has kept its position as the most ideal employer for young business and IT talent, according to Universum's annual survey of local graduating students.

Google also ranked second for engineering and natural sciences students, and third for those studying humanities, liberal arts, and education.

A*STAR, Singapore's lead public sector research and development agency, remained the most attractive employer among engineering and natural sciences students. The Ministry of Social and Family Development gained two places and became the most ideal employer for Singapore's humanities/liberal arts/education students.

"Employers in Singapore have had a tough couple of years with things like circuit breakers and Great Resignations to contend with," Mike Parsons, managing director for Universum in Asia Pacific said. "I have seen that the employers who have performed best are those who have been agile and not afraid to make big decisions and communicate them confidently. Those who have been less brave and waited it out have often lost ground."

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