Glovemaker Supermax improves foreign worker policies

MALAYSIA: Glove brand, Supermax Corp., has improved its human resources policies and presented a revised foreign worker management policy, one of which is the adoption of an equal pay and benefits structure for foreign workers to match that of local employees.

This is in connection to previous forced labour allegations and as a subsequent result of an import ban by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in October 2021.

Supermax stated, "The effectiveness and implementation of these policies will be inspected by different levels of on-going audits with at least two auditing processes, and two additional U.S.-based auditors, which will conduct analysis and monitoring against the ILO 11 Forced Labour Indicators."

Also part of the new policies is the reimbursement of recruitment fees since September 2021 to former workers.

Supermax mentioned that it has raised its monthly minimum wage to RM1,400 (USD333), higher than the national monthly minimum wage of RM1,200 (USD285).

Refurbishments and renovation jobs for improved living and working conditions are expected to be completed by mid-February.

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