Give more attention to Vietnam's space tech, says experts

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

VIETNAM: Vietnam needs to put in efforts and focus on developing human resources for space technologies, as it gears up to meet the needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution, local experts are advising.

Lê Xuân Huy, the deputy general director of the Việt Nam Space Center (part of the Việt Nam Academy of Science and Technology) said the strategy for development and application of space science and technology has already been approved with funding up until 2030.

He said the objectives included applying achievements of space science and technology; focused investment in a number of fields related to national defence and security, natural resources and environmental management, monitoring and support to reduce damage caused by natural disasters, providing a variety of other services.

“The strategy has shown the state's interest in the development of space science and technology in the country, it also creates many opportunities for scientists, manufacturers, businesses and stakeholders in this field,” he said.

However, Huy said the development of space science technology was facing many difficulties including financial limitations, lack of talent, poor infrastructure and connected industries that are not able to fully support it.

“In order to develop space science and technology in our country, it is also necessary to involve the young generation right now, nurture their passion, raise awareness and understanding about science and technology, about the universe while preparing them with the capacity, skills, teamwork skills, and professional working style,” he said.

Meanwhile, Việt Nam Space Center general director Phạm Anh Tuấn said the government should define outer space as one of the five spaces that the country needs to master in order to protect its national interest.

“Without a guarantee of direction, it is very difficult for an organisation to dare to invest. The Party and Government need to ensure a balanced and sustainable development orientation for this field by formulating Việt Nam's Law on Space, which is a premise for other sectors to feel secure in investment and development.”

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