Get ready for "The Great Realisation" in Southeast Asia

THE HR AGENDA: Will Southeast Asian economies share the same fate of mass resignation that has befallen the US over the last year? Digital transformation expert, Laurence Smith, says local HR professionals should prepare for a similar "Great Realisation" amongst their staff.

Speaking in the latest episode of The HR Agenda, Smith said the phenomenon would likely be driven by employees taking a deeper look at what they truly want out of their working lives.

Many are realising that lifetime employment at a large conglomerate doesn't guarantee lifetime job security and are now looking for alternatives. They are also realising that despite societal and parental expectations, "having a big job at a big company is not always what is cracked up to be," added Smith.

Employers can also expect to see a shift in staff loyalty away from brands and towards individual causes, purpose, and culture. Employees are now looking to work for businesses that align with their values as they begin to realise what is important to them, which has created a change in priorities at work.

So, what must HR professionals do to avoid the negative impacts of this change? According to Smith, one of the most powerful retainers of staff is still a positive and transparent culture.

Hear more from Laurence Smith and Chief of Staff Asia's Paul Howell in the clip below, or see the full episode of The HR Agenda at this Youtube link.

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