Futu Singapore expands hiring, to open in Thailand and Malaysia

SINGAPORE: Futu has announced plans to hire more people for its base in Singapore by adding around 80 to 100 staff by year-end. The stock trading platform is looking at Thailand and Malaysia for expanded opportunities.

Futu opened its Singapore office in March 2021, principally to roll out its moomoo trading app.

Gavin Chia, Managing Director, said, "Singapore is a very important place or even a hub, Despite a small population, we see it as a very important place for us to launch into other Southeast Asian countries."

"Futu is also looking towards hiring aggressively in various markets," Chia added. "We believe that hiring local industry veterans with specific market expertise will give us leverage."

Futu targets digitally-savvy young adults in the retail investing community as its key customers.

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