Five ways technology is changing candidate résumés

CHIEF OF STAFF FIVE: Paper résumés have not so much disappeared with the advent of new technologies, but have evolved with every new opportunity. Here are five ways the humble CV has been changed as we venture deeper into the digital era.


Video CVs cater simultaneously to both the eyes and ears. Applicants have another venue to convince employers that they are the right people for the job by combining the power of video and audio in one platform.

Professional networking sites

It's now easier than ever for job applicants to provide references, or seek statements of support from former bosses and co-workers. HR professionals can also find potential employees on platforms such as LinkedIn and that profile is a key inclusion of any modern CV.

Social media

If used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for applicants in their job hunts. Do you want to be a photographer? Well, posting your stunning photos on your social media accounts can help you land that gig. For recruiters, profiles and activity on social media can give valuable insight into each candidate's passions and values.

Online portfolio

It's not only photos that can be uploaded. Technology has made it easier for applicants to post, and HR professionals to access, things like documents and links that connect with their real-world outputs from previous roles.

Software for different layouts

As mentioned earlier, paper CVs will not be totally out of the picture. But technology has paved the way for easier designing of résuméss. One can choose from templates or even come up with original layouts.

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