Five top tips for an impactful job posting

HR ADVICE: In this day and age when it is so easy to scroll down and ignore what is on one’s LinkedIn feed, the attractiveness of a job posting truly counts.

Poorly written job ads will only capture the attention of applicants of the same level, so recruiters should be creative and go the extra mile in announcing vacancies.

At the end of the day, an effective job advertisement serves to save the recruiters’ time and energy, and attract the best from a sea of candidates. The ultimate goal is to magnetise talents who will add real value to the organisation. Read below for five highly effective pointers on cooking up an impactful job advertisement.

1. Be creative

Creativity means the job post is engaging and well-written. Check the grammar, syntax, and spelling. The ad should directly address the prospects, just like in sales. Use the second-person voice — "you" — to create a connection with prospective candidates.

Be concise and avoid lengthy text formats. The tone should be customised to the kind of talent needed, whether young, old, entry-level, or something different. Let professionals proofread.

Above all these, the ad should be attractive and not demanding or intimidating.

2. Indicate the salary

Statistics say that around 70% of all job applicants want recruiters to address the salary first. For transparency’s sake, mentioning the salary will surely attract candidates who set their salary ceilings and expectations. Pay is a major determining factor, especially for experienced professionals.

Posting the salary enables the recruiter to filter the roster of applicants based on their desired wage versus the indicated salary for the position. Listing the salary allows for a quick zoom in to the right candidates, which makes the hiring task easier.

Lastly, indicating the salary also assures applicants that the company is a trustworthy, decent-paying organisation.

3. Maximise search engine optimisation opportunities

Use the right keywords related to the role. This makes the job ad easily found on search engines. However, recruiters should also use organic keywords to ensure that the listing will do well on the search engine ranking and take pride in place in a candidate's search.

4. Know more about the role

Before producing the ad, get more insight into the position. Balance creativity and the inclusion of the job’s technical details. Know more about the post by communicating with incumbent employees who occupy the same position or are in a similar role as the job listing. The recruiter should ask the right questions, such as the exciting parts of the job, the goals of the position, the main responsibilities, and the like. By doing this, the job listing will have more substance.

5. Show off the company culture

The importance of good company culture reached its peak when the pandemic happened. Candidates search for a workplace where they feel belonged. Include the company culture, values, vision and mission. Smart candidates align their set of values with their prospective organisation, so be sure to put this on the job post.

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