Five factors to consider when promoting staff to higher roles

CHIEF OF STAFF FIVE: The importance of promoting employees can't be stressed enough.

Aside from showing appreciation for their work, promotions also boost employee morale even beyond the individual concerned. This in turn enhances a team's productivity and ultimately, the company's performance.

Promoting employees, rather than hiring an outsider, also helps keep the attrition rate low because it shows staff they can pursue their career goals within the organisation itself.

With that in mind, these are five important metrics for HR to consider when setting new challenges and stretch-goals for high performing and high potential staff.


Undoubtedly, good performance is the first characteristic companies look for when promoting employees. It's hard to ignore workers who not only perform well, but also go above and beyond what's expected of them. Most importantly, high-performing individuals are often not just concerned about their own results, or those of their teams, but also about how their work contributes to the company's overall success.


"Let the professionals do their job." Workers who are good at what they do are seen as the go-to people when something needs to be done, and done well. When they demonstrate mastery of their work, their colleagues look up to them for guidance. Having expertise in particular skills makes it easy for individuals and their teams and companies to achieve their goals.


Employees who perform well at work and have mastery in a specific area, also tend to not rest on their laurels. They constantly look for opportunities to reskill and upskill themselves. It could be hard or soft skiills development, and ity may not even be related to their current duties and responsibilities, but taking short courses or pursuing post-graduate education indicates a proactive approach to life and career.


As the saying goes, the biggest room in the world, is the room for improvement. Individuals who show the desire to continuously improve their work, even if they're already performing well, are ripe for higher duties. These are the same people who will drive innovation and growth in companies in this ever-changing world.


Of course, performance, mastery, qualifications and potential are nothing if employees don't intend to stay with the organisation over the long term. Promoting employees who aren't committed to working in the company for the long haul is a waste of time and resources for everyone involved.

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