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Five Christmas gift ideas for employees

CHIEF OF STAFF FIVE: The spirit of giving is at an all-time high every Christmas holiday. People buy nice things not only for their families but also for their friends and colleagues. Having said that, shopping for gifts can be challenging, especially when you are trying to find something affordable and useful.

Here are five Christmas gift ideas for employees to help gifting easier.

1. Coaster

Coffee is always associated with work, and a nice coaster for a hot cuppa would be a lovely gift for coffee lovers.

They are also a perfect gift for tea, cocoa, juice, or plain water lovers. Whatever their preference is, a lovely coaster for their mugs, glasses, or tumblers is a good idea.

You can customise the design by including their names or an image of their favourite animal too. You can also pick the colour based on their favourite.

2. A pillow/cushion for the office chair

Sitting for hours can make anyone’s back and buttocks hurt. A good quality pillow or cushion for an office chair could help ease the discomfort employees experience while working.

You can also give them a neck pillow for quick morning and afternoon naps.

3. Customised pen

Pens remain useful for quick note-taking and document signing even if many employees have gone digital with their work. Pens with names engraved on them are less likely to be lost. Additionally, you can customise each pen's design and colour to match the receiver's personality.

You can level this one up by giving a set of pens with different ink colours along with a cute case or a pen holder that they can put on their desks.

4. Access to relaxation

Working could give employees headaches and sleepless nights. Thankfully, simple joys like scented candles and essential oils with diffusers help our mind and body relax and have the best possible sleep. These gifts will de-stress your employees in the comfort of their own homes.

You may also consider a gift certificate to a great massage and spa. Make your employee feel even more special by giving two or more of these to each employee so they can invite somebody with them on their visit to the massage and spa house.

5. Extended vacation leave

Well-rested employees are happier and more productive. Extra days off from work will help reduce stress, prevent burnout, and promote work-life balance by allowing employees to spend more time with their families, friends, and significant others.

Employees will be recharged and more prepared to accomplish their goals when they return from the holidays.

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