Expanded Covid-19 insurance for overseas foreign workers

PHILIPPINES: Overseas Filipino workers will receive expanded insurance benefits amid the Covid-19 pandemic, covering death, disability, repatriation, medical emergency, and litigation.

Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III said, “The pandemic has left our migrant workers vulnerable to various risks and perils. By expanding the compulsory insurance coverage, we aim to extend the protection to all OFWs, at no cost to our workers.”

For accidental death, the survivor’s benefit will be at least USD 15,000, while at least USD 10,000 will be allotted for a natural death case. The insurance provider will shoulder the payment and arrangement for the repatriation of the worker’s remains.

When the employer terminates the contract without a valid cause or when the employee ends it with just cause, the insurance will also cover the cost of the worker’s repatriation back to the Philippines.

Migrant workers are eligible for a subsistence allowance benefit amounting to USD 100 each month for up to six months if he/she is involved in a case or litigation.

For any migrant workers confined for at least seven consecutive days, the insurance will shoulder the cost of medical evacuation, medical repatriation, and a family member’s compassionate visit.

“Only reputable private insurance companies duly registered and currently accredited with the Insurance Commission are qualified to provide the insurance coverage,” the Labour Department advised.

“The guidelines on the expanded compulsory insurance coverage shall be observed during the period of the public health emergency due to Covid-19 and shall remain in force until the full completion of the national government’s vaccination program."

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