Filipino Labour Ministry regulates ‘safe’ establishments

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

PHILIPPINES: As the Philippines moves to re-open its economy, retail-level businesses are being encouraged to obtain safety seals to drive consumer confidence and foot traffic.

The Safety Seal Certification Programme, an initiative of the Filipino Department of Labour and Employment, aims to mitigate the dangers of new Covid-19 surges by the issuing of “safety seals” to businesses. These help to reassure the public of a business’s compliance with minimum public health standards. The safety seal issued by the Department has a six-month validity and must be visible at the given business’ entrances.

If there are legitimate complaints raised against a business, the Department may take action against the relevant non-compliant business, including but not limited to revocation of that business’ “safety seal” certification.

The Department will issue the certification for businesses in the manufacturing, construction, utilities, information and communication, and warehousing industries. A number of other government authorities, including The Department of Trade and Industry, The Department of the Interior and Local Government, The Department of Tourism, and also local government units may also issue safety seals for businesses under their supervision.

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