Expatriates target Thailand as a retirement destination

THAILAND: With pandemic-induced restrictions easing globally, budget-conscious expatriates are looking at the country once again as a target retirement destination.

Thailand is beginning to open up to a wealthier class of retirees as it strives to revive its tourism-focused economy. To lure back visitors, the government announced that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to undergo supervised Covid-19 testing, from today, March 1.

Based on Thailand’s 2019 Migration Report, 48% of expats living in the country were retirees. The warm climate, low cost of living, and decent public transport and communications infrastructure have made it an incredibly popular destination for foreigners.

The provinces of Chiang Mai and Phuket have long attracted foreigners for their scenic views and affordable living standard, but the spread of Covid-19 disrupted the plans for retirees to relocate.

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