Ensign holds career day to attract cybersecurity talent

SINGAPORE: Ensign, a cybersecurity service provider, has held a career exploration and recruitment event for tertiary students from universities and polytechnics.

The August 27 event showcased the different types of cybersecurity careers available in Singapore, in part by previewing real-life cyber operations.

More than 200 graduates and undergraduates attended including almost 70 female attendees.

The career day was part of Ensign's effort to encourage youths to join the cybersecurity sector and equip them with the relevant skills and experience .

The event was designed to deliver hands-on experience. It included demonstrations and presentations on what cybersecurity professionals do on a day-to-day basis.

Participants were also taken on guided tours throughout Ensign's different business units including consulting, design and responding to cyber incidents.

Ensign also used the event as an opportunity to recruit participants who were interested in a career in cybersecurity. A total of 30 graduates applied for Ensign's three-year Technical Graduate Programme (TGP) which rotates students throughout Ensign's business units on a yearly basis.

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