Manpower minister calls on employers to apply labour norms

INDONESIA: The Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah has called on the employment sector to implement labour and workplace reforms, especially those related to safety and health to make it a norm in the industry.

In a virtual discussion on work safety and health implementation organised by the ministry, Fauziyah said these reforms are needed to “achieve social justice and well-being that ensure business continuity and protection of workers”.

Reforms on wage, benefit and work safety standards should be implemented by all parties involved with the industry to make it a norm, she said.

Fauziyah also lauded the discussion session, which was organised online, as it allowed for the dissemination of information and enhance public knowledge of employment norms and their implementation.

The pandemic has caused a decline in the economic stability of many countries, but collaboration between stakeholders in employment will help maintain progress, Fauziyah said.

“Despite the pandemic not officially being declared over, conditions of our employment sector have been far improving better that during the pandemic peak," Fauziyah explained.

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