Employers' group offers its solution for workforce crunch

SINGAPORE: Manpower shortages have been the biggest culprits behind stunted long-term economic growth in Singapore, according to the National Employers Federation (SNEF).

SNEF president Robert Yap recommended that employers maximise technology to redesign jobs for productivity, reskill workers to remain relevant, and source foreign workers for the gaps between.

Yap urged the use of the Productivity Solutions Grant, which could lower up to 80% of the cost of digital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

SNEF also supports the National Trades Union Congress in efforts to form more training committees and has urged employers to tap other government initiatives, including the SGUnited Mid-career Pathways programme, and Singapore Global Executive Programme.

In hiring foreigners to complement the Singaporean workforce, Yap stated, "Employers need access to foreign manpower to address skill shortages and gaps to keep our economy one of the most competitive in the world”.

He reiterated that SNEF would cooperate with tripartite partners, the unions, and the Government, to meet staffing challenges, improve workplaces, and enable all workers to have better jobs, pays, and outlook.

"This would enable Singapore to maintain its competitiveness and workplace harmony to sustain economic growth for a brighter future for all," he commented.

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