Employees wary of potential full return to the workplace

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Most workers in the region prefer a hybrid workplace model, wherein they can work from home for three or more days per week, and return to the office for just two days a week, a report from Qualtrics has revealed.

Based on its 2022 Employee Experience Trend report, a third of employees in the region would begin looking for a new job, the moment they were asked to go back to the office on a full-time basis.

The number of Southeast Asian employees indicating an intention to stay with their current employer declined in this year's research, signaling to HR leaders to change their mindset when cultivating business environments.

Employee Experience Solutions Strategist for Qualtrics in Southeast Asta Lauren Huntington said that the shift was not as simple as setting new work schedules or boosting engagement. Instead, employers must invest in technology and employee experience if they want to effectively keep their workforce and compete in the race for new talent.

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