Unrealistic expectations, long hours leading cause of burnout

Updated: Oct 18

SINGAPORE: The Singaporean workforce is burning out and suffering from stress due to an overwhelming workload, a survey by video-based human insight company UserTesting found.

The survey was designed to be representative of employees in different industries and roles.

Forty percent were from tech backgrounds while 10% worked in sales, marketing or startups.

The survey found that the top contributing factor to employee burnout is unrealistic expectations, with 20% of respondents stating that it caused them major stress.

The pandemic-induced lockdown forced companies and employees to shift to remote work, which is advantageous, but the increased hours spent at home inadvertently crosses paths with personal life.

This is reflected in the survey, with 45% reporting an increase in working hours due to lockdowns.

When asked whether they are looking for a job change, about 25% indicated that they would like their career paths to shift.

In order to prevent workplace burnout, employers should provide employees with flexible work hours and wellness programs.

Nearly 50% of respondents in the survey said their company provides for both, while 25% said their organisations offer wellness programs.

Only 5% reported that their companies planned company offsite visits and offered them counselling.

When asked about steps organisations can take to prevent burnout, 80% of Singaporean workers responded with "ensuring required downtime after work hours".

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