Edotco striving to keep the "human" within digital HR

Updated: Jul 30

INTERVIEW: Telecommunications infrastructure services company Edotco believes in the power of combining the capabilities of humans and machines to develop superior customer experiences and relationships, more productive operations, and dramatically increased rates of innovation.

In an exclusive interview with Chief of Staff Asia, Edotco Chief People Officer Ramon Chelvarajasingam talked about keeping "the human touch" within HR, amid the increasing digitisation of the workplace.

Chelvarajasingam says Edotco involves employees in the development of core values and principles because they develop "ownership" of the company's mission and purpose when they are positioned to have meaningful input in the organisation.

He said employees are free to submit questions, discuss, and vote on key topics that matter to them. "Crowdsourcing feedback allows us to prioritise questions that reflect the collective interests of the organisation," Chelvarajasingam says. "We encourage openness with one another."

"Bionic" organisation

Chelvarajasingam says Edotco has a "bionic organisation" strategy that has three thematic areas: becoming fitter, faster, and far better, without compromising the human soul. This relies on leveraging digital technologies to make the work and people experience more intuitive and connected; and harnessing the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion to drive innovation and collective wisdom.

He also enumerated the five pillars of Edotco's long-term people strategy:

  • Cultivating a “Coopetition” culture: Having the highest levels of emotional pride, collaboration and purpose while instilling an intrapreneurial and ownership mindset to win.

  • Supercharging the future workforce: Having a balanced integration of Emotional Intelligence, Digital Intelligence and traditional smarts as an enabler to higher autonomy and sense of purpose.

  • Humanising the digital experience: Driving the highest engagement and efficiency levels by engineering distinct experiences using the company's "Returns on Experience" tool (a predictive system for each initiative across the employee lifecycle).

  • Creating a "5R" organisation: Having the right people, right competencies, right jobs, and the right cost levels all at the right time to improve agility and speed of decision-making.

  • Becoming the global people champion: Striving to become responsible corporate citizens and setting the future people and organisation benchmarks, beyond maximising profits and shareholder value.

Workplace connectivity

With the company's vast regional operations, Chelvarajasingam emphasised the need to successfully balance different imperatives of emerging megatrends impacting connectivity in the workplace.

He said the widespread proliferation of digital tools changed how employees connect, collaborate, and communicate. This change has accelerated over the last decade due to:

  • An ageing workforce, with baby boomers heading into retirement and exacerbating the need to capture and institutionalise their knowledge

  • An increasing need for speed as employees have to work and collaborate more effectively to finish their jobs

  • Varying employee profiles, because intellectual levels have a direct impact on overall employee engagement and business outcomes

Detecting employee disengagement

According to Chelvarajasingam, Edotco developed an in-house digital tool called "Championship Barometer" as an enhancement of its digital 360 feedback tool "to gauge where we are today and track our progress".

The company is also shifting away from the once-a-year employee engagement model to a system that is predictive and operates in real-time.

"We are in the midst of engineering distinct employee experience across the employee lifecycle via our in-house [Returns on Experience] tool that contains predictive AI-powered features to assess our returns on investment across the various employee touchpoints," Chelvarajasingam said. "This will enable us to detect employee disengagement on a real-time basis."

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