Edotco shares its strategies to avoid the Great Resignation

Updated: Jul 30

The attrition rate at telecommunications infrastructure services company Edotco has been relatively stable over the past few years, hovering below 10%, even during the height of the Great Resignation in Southeast Asia.

Ramon Chelvarajasingam, Chief People Officer at Edotco, says the company leveraged various tools in response to the phenomenon, which has seen employees re-evaluating their relationships and the companies they work for.

"We lead with a compass and context, equipping employees with information to make the best decisions for the organisation," he told Chief of Staff Asia in a recent exclusive interview.

"A clear value system enables distributed decision-making with a high level of clarity, aligning resources to what matters most," he said.

The organisation provided opportunities and platforms for employees to explore their diverse interests, and set up various employee resource groups that represent the diverse interests and goals of different demographics. Chelvarajasingam says this has given people the freedom to explore and create their own workplace experiences.

"Senior leaders conduct frequent cross-functional check-ins and engagement sessions to foster deeper and more authentic relationships with employees beyond work, to develop a sense of belonging among employees by expanding their network and breadth of interactions," Chelvarajasingam said.

The company also provided various upskilling avenues, such as mentoring, coaching, and career development guides, to help its over 300 people managers lead more effectively in hybrid and dynamic environments.

Skills and the workplace

On prospective employees, Chelvarajasingam says job applicants must have "informal leadership" that focuses on an individual's respective strengths, be always open-minded and willing to "unlearn to learn," be comfortable with ambiguity and taking calculated risks, have conscientiousness or the ability to complete work, have a championship mindset or going the extra mile to reach the goal, have high energy, and willing to collaborate as a team.

He said that edotco follows the "work hard, play harder" mantra, believing in the importance of injecting fun into the workplace.

"The best thing about my job is the ability to enable our workforce to achieve their highest potential, make a profound impact on the organisation and society, and build future champions," Chelvarajasingam said.

He also offers advice for future HR leaders to build engaging workplaces and organisational cultures.

"My advice is to focus on the intrinsic elements of human nature, namely providing a strong sense of purpose, a higher level of empowerment, opportunities for skills and capability building, and fostering meaningful connections in the workplace. Always be real, believe in authenticity and create true value."

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