Diversity, equity, and inclusion in our veins: Edotco HR leader

Updated: Jul 28

At telecommunications infrastructure services company Edotco, initiatives are in place to continuously hardwire diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across the employee lifecycle.

So says Ramon Chelvarajasingam, Chief People Officer at Edotco (pictured). He shared that the company has a specific DEI Council to spearhead diversity initiatives across the group, during his exclusive interview with Chief of Staff Asia.

DEI is an integral part of the people experience at edotco, from recruitment to onboarding, also promotions and lateral job switches.

In recruitment, for example, blind résumé screening is done through an AI-based digital recruitment crawler tool that filters each candidate's profile based on required skills. Hiring managers are also provided CVs with redacted age, gender ethnicity, and even academic background where apprioriate.

The company deliberately tailors its talent attraction initiatives in traditionally male-dominated areas, such as engineering, to selected groups: female engineers and high potential female academics.

"Our onboarding programme goes beyond technical and administrative support but also social bonding. It is enhanced to be more user-friendly to new joiners from non-telco backgrounds," Chelvarajasingam said.

On promotions, the process is based on merit and performance alone, as opposed to tenure and age. The company also provides different career pathways, including technical specialist and general management career tracks.

"We also actively develop and prepare our female leaders for future board level positions," Chelvarajasingam said. "We provide opportunities for the younger generation to mentor their seniors to gain diverse perspectives."

Managing HR

Chelvarajasingam says edotco invests in talent development, adopts a growth mindset, and focuses on learning anytime, anywhere.

"We create redundancies in mission-critical positions by identifying internal successors and external talents, reviewed regularly at our Talent Council forum," Chelvarajasingam said. "We augment our current workforce with a gig-like arrangement for seasonal peaks and temporary gaps."

To cater to changing business priorities, the organisation established a flexible performance management system, using its Covid Composite Scorecard and Innovation key performance indicators.

Chelvarajasingam also said the company institutionalises real-time feedback loops, as opposed to once-a-year assessments, in order to capture employee sentiments as a forward-looking indicator.

In addition, the company grants stock plans to employees to foster ownership and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The company also continuously enhances its performance management and career development programmes to ensure equal opportunities across its workforce and frequently reviews its compensation plan for fair compensation and minimised gender pay gap.

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