Digital skills needed to help future-proof youth employment in Cambodia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is urging young people in Cambodia to acquire digital skills, in order to gear themselves for the jobs of the future and adapt to the technology-dominated ‘Industry 4.0’ business environment.

It says widespread technology and automation skills will also help Cambodians to compete in the regional and global labour markets.

“It is important that the country has a strategy for both digital skills and human skills, and a clear vision to upskill today’s current roster of jobs in Cambodia,” the UNDP said on its local website.

It also added that the Cambodian government needed to collect more data on which types of jobs would be lost and gained in the future business environment, in order to get a clear vision on where the country should put its focus.

For its part, UNDP in Cambodia has created the "Youth Employment Project” to upskill and re-skill youth with the latest digital skills.

It has also been reported that the Education Ministry is awarding Cambodian students with specific scholarships to brush up their digital skills.

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