Digital health passes: HR's collaboration with big tech

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

There has certainly been a lot placed at the feet of healthcare workers, and the industry at large, over these last two years. But in addition to helping to fight the spread of the pandemic, while also alleviating the suffering of those who cross its path, the healthcare industry has also been working closely with tech developers to create a new, highly tech-focused, “normal” in the coming years.

At the heart of this has been development of a wide range of digital healthpasses, that certify vaccination and Covid-test status, among other medical biodata. For instance, the International Association of Travel Agents Travel Pass mobile app works with governments, airlines, and testing facilities, to provide authenticated information on tests, vaccinations and identities.

The IBM Digital Health Pass, is another example that is likely to play a global role in the resumption of business travel. Like the IATA pass, it is designed to incorporate multiple data sources as specified by each participating organisation – such as test results and onsite temperature scans – which can allow individuals to share their health status in real time through an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone.

The tech giant’s pass dovetails a suite of applications that use data, AI technology, and blockchain to help employers navigate workplace re-entry and facilities management, workplace safety, contact tracing and care management.

“Protecting health information is incredibly important and trust and transparency remain paramount when developing [such] a platform,” the company says. “The IBM solution was developed with privacy as the starting point.”

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