Digital health passes: Flying into big technology history

In late July this year, a chartered flight took off from Johannesburg en route to the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar. On this flight were commercial travellers venturing ultimately toward one of the remotest workplaces on earth: the Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine, located some 500km south of the capital in the Gobi Desert.

The Mongolian Airlines operated flight was chartered by Australian mining giant Rio Tinto.

The pandemic-fatigued passengers were set to be onsite at the mine for at least one year, and left amid great uncertainty over the long-term state of international borders.

But as they flew into uncertainty, it was not lost on them that they were also creating history. MIAT7602 was the first ever charter flight on which all that embarked carried a digital health pass to verify that they were negative for Covid-19.

The AOKpass, a project formed in conjunction with health industry and chamber of commerce partners, was used to authenticate employees’ Covid-19 results at both embarkation and disembarkation.

“One of the major considerations for organisations now is how to manage return-to-work and all of their international employees’ health data related to health screening, testing, vaccinations, boosters plus the added complexity of different systems for travel around the world,” said an analyst close to its development. “Digital health passes comprise a leading business travel topic now and there are several platforms being rolled out by global players."

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