Department of Labour urges firms to pay quarantine leave

PHILIPPINES: The department of labour and employment (DOLE) has urged firms to provide paid leave for workers who contract Covid-19 and need to be quarantined.

Although it is not mandatory for firms to provide this to their employees, DOLE called on employers to adopt a Covid-19 paid leave program in addition to existing pandemic-related benefits.

Under the proposed scheme, workers who are exposed to an infected person or have contracted the virus themselves, may still receive their wages even if they have to be quarantined or isolated. The workers should not haveto use their existing sick, emergency, or vacation leave allowances.

“The paid isolation and quarantine leaves shall be without prejudice to other benefits provided by the Social Security System and the Employees Compensation Commission,” labour secretary Silvestre Bello III said in the advisory.

Despite the fact that many workers have been able to shift to remote working, ongoing Alert Level 3 restrictions mean that those in key industries are expected to continue using their normal workplaces..

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