Deliveroo: Nurturing talent and enabling people

Updated: Jul 29

INTERVIEW: Natasha Doctor, Head of People at Deliveroo Singapore, spoke with Chief of Staff Asia. She describes what it is like to work at Deliveroo and her ideals as an HR manager for the company's diverse staff.

For Doctor, the best thing about being a Deliveroo people leader is the fulfilment it brings.

“Being part of Deliveroo has brought me so much fulfilment. I have grown my passion for nurturing talent and enabling people to deliver exceptional business results. To do this, I always ensure that I am partnering with the leadership team and line managers to create exceptional employee experiences,” she enthused.

The HR chief continued, “At a personal level, I continue to learn something new each day, and I love applying those learnings to my day-to-day life to make a meaningful impact on the Deliveroo team.”

When Chief of Staff Asia asked her about her leadership strategy and ideals, she emphasised the importance of growth.

“People management has always been about creating an environment that enables people to grow. I’ve had the opportunity to work with talented and capable managers, many of whom are still great mentors to me today. I’ve learned that people management is about earning the trust of your team and being genuinely interested in their personal and career development,” Doctor recalled.

Doctor encourages future HR leaders to achieve greater heights in the workplace through people empowerment. “Leadership is about empowering people to do their best work and trusting your team. At Deliveroo, we allow employees to own and manage projects where they can apply their skills, expertise, and passion to reap the rewards of their hard work.

“There is also great value to building connections that last and being authentic to yourself and the people around you,” she advised.

As a workplace, Deliveroo, according to Doctor, is “...(an) informal, fun, yet highly fulfilling work environment.”

She elaborated with DEI in mind, “Our workspaces are purposefully designed to promote collaboration, communication, and good quality banter across the office. We believe a great workplace represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be. It means that we have no judgement regarding the things that make others who they are. All that is required is a passion for making our customers’ experience with food the best it can be, and a desire to be part of one of the fastest-growing start-ups around.”

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