Deliveroo introduces new AI-led safety programme for riders

Updated: Mar 22

SINGAPORE: Deliveroo is set to provide its more than 11,000 riders with a new mobile app that can help provide an extra pair of eyes to protect them on the road.

It will be the first food delivery platform in Singapore to utilise the Rider Dome system, which analyses real-time data from cameras mounted on the motorcycle to detect potential threats on the road. A processing unit triggers real-time light and sound alerts for the rider when safety risks are detected.

Rider Dome also monitors a rider’s motorcycle journey, provides analytics, and automatically calls emergency services when an accident occurs.

Deliveroo also announced an extension of its collaboration with ComfortDelGro, which will make a new Advanced Defensive Riding Course open to up to a further 600 participants. The training equips riders with defensive riding techniques for improved safety awareness and enhanced survivability on the roads.

“We hope that our new Rider Dome pilot (alongside the improved Defensive Riding Courses with ComfortDelGro) will continue to pave the way for riders to hone their road safety skills whilst protecting them on the roads,” Jason Parke, Head of Operations for Deliveroo Singapore, said.

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