Deliveroo offers new mental health responder training

SINGAPORE: Food delivery giant Deliveroo has partnered up with the Samaritans of Singapore non-profit organisation to conduct its first-responder workshop to almost 30 riders.

Held on August 22 and 29, the Be a Samaritan workshop covered suicide warning signs, risk factors, myths surrounding the issue, and how high-risk individuals may seek help.

In addition to the workshop, over 200 Deliveroo riders are expected to support World Suicide Prevention Month by displaying campaign stickers on their delivery bags. Each sticker will display information about suicide prevention, including the 24 hour helpline run by Samaritans of Singapore.

Gasper Tan, CEO of Samaritans of Singapore, said engaging with Deliveroo riders would help to raise visibility on the issue.

“Our goal is to widen the social safety nets so that the public can look out for one another. Suicide is still taboo and stigmatised, and breaking down the barrier of stigma is vital to conversation and understanding,” he said.

In October 2021, Deliveroo collaborated with Silver Ribbon Singapore to conduct Rider Stress Management workshops to teach riders the importance of mental health and provide valuable tips on managing challenging situations.

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