Deborah Woollard shares her HR “north star” for MyRepublic

Updated: May 5

INTERVIEW: As the Group Chief People Officer for MyRepublic, Deborah Woollard is used to juggling a wide range of tasks and priorities at any given time. The pandemic and its impact on working cultures and environments have only further exacerbated that challenge. Chief of Staff Asia asked what it takes to stay focused on the issues that matter most.

COS Asia: Any tips for HR teams that face challenges in their current work setup?

Woollard: There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we must always start by understanding and meeting the business where it is today.

My best advice to HR leaders and teams struggling to chart their way forward in these uncertain times is to focus on culture and employee engagement as your anchor. Clearly articulate the culture and workplace you aspire to create. That provides you with the framework and “north star” to align your people's practices.

Not every employee experience needs to be groundbreaking. Sometimes, the best experience is quick, effective, and pain-free. Start with the moments that matter most in your organisation and how you want to differentiate your employee experience.

Don’t be afraid to bring your employees into the process to co-create the strategy and provide ideas and feedback. You will achieve far greater buy-in when you create together and access powerful insights to support your strategies. Learn together, and experiment. It’s unlikely to get everything right the first time, so do not be afraid to pilot initiatives with smaller groups and iterate as you go.

When employees see that the company is open to experimenting and accommodating new ideas, they will feel more inclined to share their thoughts. It encourages a co-creation culture, which can benefit the company at large. So, make sure to provide as many channels as possible for employee feedback, and never stop listening.

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Deborah Woollard shares her HR “north star” for MyRepublic

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