Creating a roadmap to success for women in HR

UPCOMING EVENT: The Asia HR Woman Club is hosting a free event this weekend, bringing together 10 panelists from five different cities around the Asia Pacific region.

A stellar lineup of speakers will be sharing their stories and insights as part of the Creating a Roadmap to Success and Happiness for HR Women and Women Managers online event on Saturday, October 30.

They include:

  • Lynn Pua, Colleague (Human) Resources Director for Asia, Sedgwick

  • Wulan Ranny, Head of People and Culture, Tokotalk Indonesia

  • Dyah Ambarwati, Country Head of HR for Sunlife Financial Indonesia

  • Norhamijah Mohammed Hanafiah, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, Telekom Malaysia

  • Madelina Mutia, cofounder of LovePink Indonesia

The event is free to register for and attend and aims to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. All genders are welcome.

To register, head to this link.

For donations, head to this link.

The Asia HR Woman Club is a place where women can find their voice and connect with woman managers and HR practitioners throughout Asia to share experiences and accelerate