Covid-19 had positive impact on workplace, millennials say

SINGAPORE: Seventy percent of millennials and Generation Z believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed workplaces for the better, SPAG’s Engaging Multigenerational Workforce in the Era of Transformation report found.

The pandemic had a profound impact on how people work and communicate. It accelerated technological advancement, with online collaborative tools becoming popular during the 2020 global lockdowns.

The trickle down effect of the health crisis caused many adjustments — from subtle changes like having essential tasks done offline, to significant structural alterations such as changes in corporate policies that impact both business owners and employees.

While extremely challenging, the pandemic brought about impactful changes in the workforce.

The report found that business and HR leaders must innovate viable strategies to support their employees in the new normal, post-pandemic.

Millennials and Generation Z who were surveyed said the pandemic has made employers more focused on the mental well-being of their employees, while also opening up to new possibilities in employee communications.

SPAG's report also found that Generation Z and millennials believe the traditional means of hiring have been radically transformed.

Remote interviews on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have become the norm. Employee onboarding programs are also being pivoted online, wherein you can go months without meeting your colleagues in real life.

Moreover, leadership and management have changed, with organisations beginning to place greater emphasis on corporate culture and leadership skills centred around empathy.

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