Could Cebu be Southeast Asia's hub for animation talent?

PHILIPPINES: The Animation Council of the Philippines wants to make Cebu a premier talent hub for the regional animation industry by 2030.

Council president Juan Miguel del Rosario said that considering the rich pool of creative talents and animation creators in the country, the potential to achieve this goal would not be difficult.

He cited several creative businesses in Cebu that had already achieved global success. In fact, the country’s animation industry registered 5.5% growth last year, with five major studios supplying 75% of the Philippines’ total revenues.

“While the global value of animation is USD 270 billion, the Philippines accounts for only USD 20 million to USD 30 million in revenues (as of 2020) so the growth potential is huge,” del Rosario said. Filipino animators have contracts from clients in Japan, Germany, France, Canada, the UK, and the US.

Lawrence Panganiban, of the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines, confirmed that Cebu’s content creation sector had been urged to meet the surge for original content demand in the global market.

This will likely translate into more employment opportunities for creative professionals in the area.

“We realize now is the time to sell ideas for a show or video game for production when everyone has access to the global content market," Panganiban said. He cited the Filipino-produced animation series Trese, which was shown on Netflix, as one example of international productions taking advantage of the Philippine animation talent pool.

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