Content creators are in high demand among Malaysian SMEs

Updated: Apr 28

MALAYSIA: The country’s SME sector is seeking content creator professionals, including writers, editors, and video producers, due to the high usage of digital marketing during the pandemic.

According to HR software firm BrioHR’s SME Employment Index, web developers, designers, and data analysts are also sought-after, together with a growing demand for skilled marketing professionals.

BrioHR's co-founder and CEO, Benjamin Croc, explained, "Businesses are now requiring digitally savvy professionals as they become more data-driven in their approaches to customer service, marketing, employee development, and other critical functions."

The Index notes that the most in-demand skills are problem-solving, self-management, working with people, technology use, and development. Employers are searching for candidates with advanced programming and coding skills.

The evolution of digital media caused the blur in marketing disciplines and the intertwining of their functions. Croc said that at present, PR is becoming more associated with marketing and advertising as daily responsibilities are now expanding to include marketing or advertising. These practitioners are also now social media specialists, influencers, brand ambassadors, content creators and marketers, and trend spotters. He explained that this trend seems to persist.

The Index monitors the SME sector’s employment rate and the factors that surround it using data from 14,000 employees in Southeast Asia. It saw an increase of over 5% in SME employment in the first quarter of 2022, a jump of more than 4% for the last quarter of 2021, and a 10% increase in employment numbers from October to March 2022.

The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia revealed that at least 150,000 SMEs in the country have shut down since the pandemic, causing the loss of 1.2 million jobs.

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