CoachHub looks to double staff at its Singapore headquarters

SINGAPORE: After launching its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore earlier this year, CoachHub has now unveiled a new office space to house its 50-person strong team.

Its standout feature is the room to grow, with the unique coaching platform and marketplace looking to double its workforce over the next year.

CoachHub has also increased its Asia-Pacific coach headcount by 75% in a bid to scale coaching in high potential markets.

Tim MacCartney, Senior Vice President of CoachHub Asia-Pacific, says the region is an "extremely important" market for the global organisation. "(This is because Asia-Pacific) is where coaching is still in its nascent stage and is expected to multiply amid an ever evolving workforce".

"Our new workspace, products and hires in the region reaffirm our continuing growth momentum and underscores the massive industry potential,” he added.

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