Case Study: Prudential's PLAYful take on virtual staff engagement

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

STAFF EVENTS: Insurance group Prudential in Singapore supersized the virtual event concept in 2020, by turning its annual staff get-together into a three-day activity-packed digital competition, that it named “PLAYday”.

Employing the help of Trinax, a virtual event and creative technology agency, the company brought together over 600 staff most of whom had been working on a split-team and work-from-home basis via a state-of-the-art virtual platform.

Although PLAYday’s main objective was to create strong and lasting bonds among staff members, its strong emphasis on interactive gamification and continuous participation across all three days of the event made the overall experience a unique one.

More than 90 teams, made up of employees from diverse business units, competed against each other across various games and activities for a large number of prizes.

One such game was a multi-player racing event fully designed and developed by Trinax’s in-house game development team. This culminated in a live race between the Top 10 teams on the last day of the event.

For the entertainment portion, local Singapore acts like renowned magician Shawn Chua, and popular live music band, 53A (pictured above), live streamed directly from Trinax’s green screen studio.

“The most beautiful highlight of this event was to design and build it with gamification as the cornerstone,” the event organisers said. “It has made this virtual event spectacularly exciting, meaningful and effective.”

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