Case study: Keeping staff engaged at Shopee

Updated: Jan 21

RESEARCH: Singapore-founded e-commerce firm, Shopee has been able to implement various changes to its workforce over the course of the pandemic.

The first change was to implement hybrid working across the staff population. Shopee quickly realised that employees preferred the hybrid working style over full-time in-office operations, and that the one-size-fits all approach no longer worked. The company further identified some of the challenges they would face when implementing hybrid working early, and tackled them before implementing the new system to all employees.

Factors such as communication, work-life balance, performance tracking, and team-building were some of these issues that arose.

Tracey Trang Do, Head of HR at Shopee Vietnam, says having a centralised HR team in Singapore with global strategies and policies which applied to all operating countries, made it easier to make decisions.

Shopee’s digital marketing and engagement teams had collaborated to ensure employees enjoyed a smooth transition to the hybrid working style.

The engagement team looked to online trends such as games, webinars, gatherings, and coaching tools, and applied them to internal employees. This in turn improved communication and performance, even though employers did not come into the office.

HR at Shopee tracked employee performance through the final deliverables of employees or how much they accomplished daily and monthly. Things like meeting deadlines and KPIs were used to assess performance during hybrid working.

The e-commerce firm also placed high importance on its core values and reminded staff through award ceremonies, performance appraisals, and other engagement events. This has proved to motivate its employees greatly, especially during these volatile times.

The second change that Shopee has to adapt to and solve, was to provide additional perks and benefits to its employees. Priorities for employees everywhere changed during the pandemic. Mental wellness and flexibility became the top priorities for employees everywhere and Shopee supported its employees by curating care packages. For example, Shopee Malaysia’s employees were given campaign care-kits which included healthy snacks.

Additionally, Shopee employees also received fully-subsidised health screenings, as well as wellness programs such as ’Shopeelympics’, and company-sponsored team building sessions. Other than motivating talents, these programs were also able to retain talent.

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