Candidates-first for a new generation of Thai HR leaders

THAILAND: With competition for talented professionals escalating (particularly in IT), companies are increasingly adopting a candidate-first mentality to their recruitment strategies.

As part of this, they are paying much closer attention to the overall candidate experience to improve their employer brand, their processes and overall capacity to attract talent.

Global professional recruitment consultancy Michael Page has also reported that Thai professionals who have the right combination of technical and behavioural competencies will continue to be in demand and command higher salaries.

Siddhartha Gupta, Mercer|Mettl CEO observed that “The ‘Great Resignation’ had resulted in employees having more leverage in their relationships with their companies, and thereby negotiating salary and benefits. "As a result, recruiters will need a rethink in their strategy to attract top talent,” he said.

Michael Page has projected that salary expectations have increased by a large margin in many ASEAN markets. Nicolas Dumoulin, senior managing director for Michael Page India and Thailand said that salary increments had reached the 25% to 30% for many professionals, and may even go further up to 50% or 100% depending on the position and the industry the individual works in.

Leadership hiring is expected to grow at 20% to 25% in the next year, while mid-level hiring is expected to grow at 30% to 40%. “Both traditional and new-age businesses will focus on strengthening their leadership teams. Whereas increased business activity will lead to expansion and growth at both mid to junior level hires,” Dumoulin said.

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