Official registration remains uncertain for Bengali migrants

MALAYSIA: Uncertainty looms over a significant number of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia as the regularisation of their job status under the Labour Recalibration Programme (LRP) is yet to be finalised.

The deadline to register expired on March 31, and Nazmus Sadat Selim, Bangladesh’s labour envoy in Malaysia, said he would formally request a deadline extension.

The problem has been with the unavailability of biometric registration tools, with complexities in passport issuance adding to this burden.


The Malaysian government launched the LRPs on November 16, 2020, with the aim to have all relevant workers registered by the end of December last year. It was extended until June 2022 due to an influx of a large number of undocumented migrant workers failing to avail of the programme because of the pandemic restrictions.

Malaysia’s home ministry said that the LRPs had so far enlisted 280,088 previously undocumented foreign workers.

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