Asian business schools on the rise: Chief of Staff research

Updated: Jul 22

EXECUTIVE EDUCATION: Whichever way you look at it, executive education is a growing field of interest in Southeast Asia, and the wider Asia-Pacific region, as the latest Chief of Staff Asia research paper highlights.

The Self-Funded Army: New Trends in Post-Covid Executive Education report, released today, shows applications for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive MBA programs in this region are rising in number, and the quality of schools here is also increasing, relative to the rest of the world.

This has a range of potential impacts for HR leaders in Southeast Asia.

On the talent acquisition side, they can expect to see improvement in the leadership quality stocks available here. Local rates of employment of MBA graduates are very high in each of the markets of Southeast Asia, and those graduates are also demanding higher salaries in 2022 and beyond.

For high potentials and professional talent looking to take the next step in their careers, MBAs remain a highly-respected training tool. The research has found local schools of all levels are forward-thinking in their approaches to learning, and MBAs here are still more affordable, and often held over shorter time frames.

The report also notes that the rates of employer funding for MBAs and Executive MBAs has been steadily decreasing over the last decade. The "MBA Army" is well and truly self-funded in 2022, with employer sponsorship of these formal executive education options seen as too risky in an environment of shorter tenures and reduced loyalty to the one employer over the longer term.

The Self-Funded Army: New Trends in Post-Covid Executive Education report is available for free download for all Chief of Staff Asia subscribers.

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