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APAC leaders thriving in hybrid set-ups, research show

ASIA-PACIFIC: A new study by leadership development company Center for Creative Leadership found that over 52% of business leaders in the region claim to be thriving in the hybrid workplace.

WORK 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World surveyed over 2,000 leaders across 13 countries in Asia-Pacific, offering a comprehensive look into the region’s evolving work and workplaces.

The adoption of hybrid work in Asia-Pacific has nearly doubled, increasing from 41% to 80% post-pandemic.

According to the report, a “hybrid, office-first” model is the most preferred mode of working of those surveyed. Forty-three percent of leaders said that most employees in their organisations will be expected to work on-site for the majority of the work week.

But despite the thriving hybrid ecosystem, the survey found that 56% of respondents do not have a vision of what a hybrid model in their organisation may look like in the long term.

“Across Asia-Pacific, we’re seeing an extremely mixed picture when it comes to the impact of the hybrid work environment on productivity, engagement, and well-being. There is no going back and there is no one size fits all. Fortunately, many leaders in the region appear to be stepping up to define a new vision for hybrid work and equip themselves with the right skills for Work 3.0," Elisa Mallis, Managing Director and Vice President of APAC for the Center for Creative Leadership said.

“What is clear is that the success of hybrid (workplaces) depends on people and culture, rather than technology; on building and in some cases re-building cohesive relationships within and across teams. We can consider it a re-building of the heart ware."

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