APAC employers favor quality talents over lack of skills

ASIA PACIFIC: Talent acquisition professionals in the Asia Pacific region considered the quality of recruits as more important than lack of skills or hiring period in acquiring talents.

This conclusion was based on a recent online survey conducted by Cielo, a strategic recruitment process outsourcing company. More than 300 senior talent acquisition professionals, human resources leaders, and over 20 in-depth interviews with key senior executives from multinational companies in various industries joined the survey.

According to the Cielo report, global respondents agree that their businesses need more talents (73.6%); and that skills shortages and gaps are among the major job-related issues that are the most challenging to their businesses. (78.2%).

However, APAC results veered away from this global finding. APAC survey respondents emphasised the quality of hire as the region's biggest talent acquisition challenge (46.2%) with skills shortage issues tied with the length of time to hire (35.4%).

Furthermore, APAC organisations are more willing to use new hiring technologies (26.2%), than the rest of the companies in the world (8.2%).

The survey also affirmed that experienced professionals with digital skills are ranked as particularly in high demand both within the APAC region and elsewhere globally. HR practitioners agree they are quite hard-pressed to close the vacancies for many technical positions.

Mayur Chaturvedi, regional director for Rewards, Talent Management, and human resources business partner of Zimmer Biomet said, "In APAC there are definitely [skill] shortages, which is why we need to look at relocating people or look at other industries. For example, in Southeast Asia, the developed countries have good talent availability, and there are no problems. But when you go to emerging or developing countries, talent supply is low. Leadership roles and niche skill roles, in particular, are hard to find."

APAC experts also pointed out some unique factors that were different from the general trends identified in the report. These were classified as international skills shortages, regional roles, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. However, the Cielo report noted that APAC recruiters are generally less concerned with the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (24.6%) compared to their counterparts elsewhere in the world. (45.6%).

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