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Anastasia Shamgunova guards Kaspersky's HR virtual galaxy

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INTERVIEW: Kaspersky thwarted more than 47 million cyberattacks during the first half of 2022 by blocking an average of 265,567 attacks in Southeast Asia alone.

As more employers shift to hybrid and remote work modes, these numbers have become significant markers of the importance of cybersecurity, especially the people behind keeping data safe.

Anastasia Shamgunova, Kaspersky’s HR Director (Asia-Pacific, Japan, Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa), is confident that her company has the right people to safeguard the virtual world. In an interview with Chief of Staff Asia, Shamgunova detailed the kind of team members who could perform this task. She also highlighted the company’s focus on agility and its flexible culture to empower its employees.

Managing external and internal cyber threats

Chief of Staff Asia asked Shamgunova if she could share the current innovations Kaspersky provides. Shamgunova openly discussed the trends and solutions that have become important in the market, including the Security Operations Center (SOC), which incorporates sophisticated software and a highly qualified team.

“The software is organised as a huge database operating 24/7 and has all the data and equipment connected. Anyone can have access, whether it’s a big multinational company that wants to monitor its infrastructure or several customers who want to have a joint operational security centre. It could also be for governmental projects. It covers a huge group,” she explains.

“The SOC has software that can deal with data intelligently, looking for patterns and tiny erratic indicators. This is complemented by expert teams because we cannot rely on AI alone.”

She notes that the SOC can detect possible attacks before it happens. “I’m excited to talk about it because it provides collective immunity to the whole organisation. Since everyone is vulnerable, it makes sense to have this collective immunity.”

The SOC is not exclusively for a single provider, but the more, the better. “The shield is invincible with multi-trained software from different angles,” she says.

Like any other HR department, Shamgunova holds a volume of employee and employer data. So how does her department safeguard HR data against internal threats?

“The equipment has to be top-notch,” she says. “With a zero possibility of threats, no room for mistakes. We use special cabling and secure access to the internet.”

But for Shamgunova, the more critical factor is the human factor. “If people are not aware or educated about safety, we will have vulnerabilities. So, we educate our people so that they know the threats and the form they take to try and get in.

“We also protect our sensitive data by coordinating with our vendors,” she points out.

This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive interview with Anastasia Shamgunova, HR Director of Kaspersky for APAC, Japan, the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. For further coverage, please see the below link:

Anastasia Shamgunova heads Kaspersky’s agile HR

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