AWS training program upskills individuals for cloud careers

PHILIPPINES: Amazon Web Services is looking to upskill Filipinos seeking employment in cloud technology jobs.

AWS and its partners say the new "re/Start" program will help individuals and teams leverage AWS Cloud to innovate in the digital world.

“We think about educating the builders of today — that’s why we have various programs focused on educating our customers," Conor McNamara, Managing Director of AWS – ASEAN said.

"We are also thinking about enabling the builders of tomorrow and how we can think about the various talent pools out there that could support bridging these digital skills.

"(Especially) how do we engage untapped or under-tapped talent pools."

The AWS re/Start program is a partnership between the company and local communities.

Participants can expect hands-on experience with fundamental cloud skills that will prepare them for any role in an increasingly technology-dependent workplace.

With its emphasis on practical career skills, AWS re/Start is ideal for people looking into tech careers. Graduates have developed both technical knowledge and soft abilities.

“We noticed that if Filipinos want access to good training and job opportunities, the usual behaviour was for us to migrate to Tier One cities like Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao,” said Grace David, CEO of

David said the AWS program opens up the gate to the best training, best job and best opportunities, without having to migrate.

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