Amazon Prime Video expands, opens jobs for creatives and HR

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Amazon Prime Video’s plans to expand its streaming service in Southeast Asia comes with the opening of jobs for creative talents and human resource professionals in the region.

The company will add Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore to its Asian production footprint, aside from opening a regional office in Singapore.

Amazon’s website posted at least four Southeast Asia jobs, including a senior manager for content acquisition, a social media team leader, a creative director, and a recruiting manager.

Erika North, director of Amazon Originals at Prime Video, said “We are thrilled to announce that we will now add Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore to the canon of Japan, Australia, and India in the APAC region.”

She added, “We are at ‘Day One’ when we think of Southeast Asia. We are also looking for a director for the Southeast Asia Prime Video business, so there is (an) immense opportunity.”

According to North, Amazon Studios aims to be a true “home for talent,” which means for Amazon “to be top of mind for creatives when they’re thinking about great ideas. We also want to be the partners who are genuinely interested in working with them to make great things happen. We care about development. We spend time curating their stories, and we will take pitches at any point in gestation. Over time, we will build that trust as Amazon with the community.”

“It’s truly about stories, giving them the time that they need, understanding the particularities and peculiarities of the format,” North cited.

“We are truly open for business, and our goal in Southeast Asia, as much as it is in every other part of the world, is to partner with the top local talents across the region to find stories and opportunities to tell their stories and amplify them across over 200 million Prime members across 240 countries and territories,” explained North.

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