Amazon, Asian non-profits tie up to help supply chain workers

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Amazon has partnered with a collection of non-government organisations to support an estimated 54,000 supply chain workers and small businesses in the region.

The company is also funding new tools to mitigate the long-term impacts of the pandemic on workers in the region.

The collaboration with PATH, a global public health nonprofit in Vietnam, is expected to support 13 factories and about 13,000 workers on Covid-19 awareness training, crisis response plans, and worker health screenings for the early detection of mental health, general health issues, and occupational diseases.

"Through our collaboration with Amazon, PATH hopes to prepare factory workers to proactively respond to health crises, minimise impacts to productivity, and help workers quickly return to normal conditions," said PATH's Global Health Security and Malaria Program Director in Southeast Asia, Nhu Nguyen.

Amazon's collaboration with NEST, a non-profit group supporting global artisans, will provide tools and training to help more than 70 artisan small business owners in Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines cushion the financial impact of Covid-led shutdowns, staffing shortages, and cancelled orders.

"Amazon's support will help thousands of artisans in Asia, as well as more than 1,600 small businesses across 120 countries in the Nest Guild that will also receive digital training," said Nest Founder and Executive Director Rebecca van Bergen.

LeighAnne DeWine, head of Social Responsibility at Amazon, said: "It's important that we help supply chain workers in Asia's most Covid-vulnerable regions get access to the crisis response resources they need; and help small businesses weather the economic impacts. This commitment is fundamental to who we are as a company and member of the global community."

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