Airtight back-to-work policies urged as restrictions ease

PHILIPPINES: As the government gradually eases quarantine restrictions, organisations have been increasing their operational capacity and on-site workforces.

While much welcomed by businesses that have suffered through one of the world’s longest lockdowns, some employers remain uncertain of the proper protocols on how they can safely repopulate their workplaces.

“Organisations should immediately prepare airtight return-to-work policies that comply with local government guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees and their businesses during the transition,” said Andrew Candelet, general manager of International SOS Philippines.

He emphasised that employers should also be quickly responsive to the workforces’ needs and be flexible enough to allow the employees time to adjust to being back in a physical work environment.

Organizations are also urged to ensure all their employees are trained on the updated standard operations procedures relating to the health and safety of employees and office visitors. A record of training and safety information should also be provided to the workforce.

A re-exit strategy should also be developed and communicated to the workforce in the event the employees must return to a fully remote model.

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