Aileen Tan: AIA’s longevity and productivity secrets

Updated: Mar 11

INTERVIEW: AIA Singapore’s Aileen Tan gives us a firsthand look at the company’s endurance secrets. Continue reading for the second part of our exclusive interview with the health insurer’s Chief HR Officer.

Aileen Tan (centre, in red) with the AIA Singapore team [NOTE: The photo was taken pre-pandemic.]

COS Asia: Thriving in a competitive industry, what is your main source of longevity and productivity?

Tan: We empower our employees to take ownership of their work through an incredible work ethic guided by purpose, and going above and beyond. This helps to shape us into a purpose-driven organisation with a single-minded focus on enabling healthier, longer, better lives.

We are increasingly prioritising the things that truly matter to our customers and employees by easing our working and business processes. We place importance on environmental and social causes, diversity, equity, and staff inclusion. We have greatly appreciated the difficulties some employees face as they balance work and family, and the need for greater flexibility.

We are fortunate to have a CEO — Wong Sze Keed — who has been lauded for her focus on people. Her guidance has further poised our organisation towards a people-first culture. The quality of our people and our team culture are the common thread behind what I have said.

COS Asia: What key HR best practices can you share?

Tan: We adapted swiftly to the onset of the pandemic, pivoting to remote working, and introduced hybrid working while prioritising our employees’ wellbeing. At AIA Singapore, we push this further to zoom in on the “why” of our workplace value proposition and the real purpose of calling employees back to the office.

We want our people to “want” to come to the office not because they are told to, since taking calls and doing emails are now doable at home. The pandemic has forced us to rethink deeply-entrenched approaches, beliefs, and more flexible collaborations.

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