AI workforce development seen as next frontier in Vietnam

VIETNAM: Artificial intelligence experts believe there is strong potential to create a specialist AI workforce in Vietnam, making it a hub for this key future technology.

The Vietnamese government has opened the door to AI and high-tech development investments, having introduced the the term "industrial revolution 4.0" in its economic directions since 2014.

But after more than seven years, a recent report found only 10% of demand for AI-focused talent is currently being met domestically.

FPT Software, a technology and IT services provider, has grown to 25,000 employees in Vietnam, but it is looking to recruit another 8,000 by the end of this year.

"To build a successful strategy, you must combine three elements: human resources, data and infrastructure," said Phong Nguyen, Chief AI Officer, FPT Software.

Phong said investments from both the government and private enterprises would continue to play a role in developing the local talent pool.

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