AI storytelling bot that drives productivity, writing efficiency

Updated: Mar 15

HR TECHNOLOGY: Imagine an artificial intelligence application, or bot, that lives in a writing platform to help individuals build their self-expression through written words. All that is needed is typing in the objective, and the bot does the rest.

That is precisely what Singaporean-owned StoryBuddy does.

It facilitates productivity by helping people and businesses overcome writers’ block, crafting short and long-form content, and generating materials two to three times faster. StoryBuddy can help people write emails more tactfully, develop a convincing sales pitch, or produce informational articles.

Kob-i, the platform's resident storytelling bot, has a core mission to help people write their stories and find their voice. It continually improves itself and its advice through machine learning.

Founder Sam Neo, a guest on Chief of Staff Asia's inaugural episode of The HR Agenda, says the technology is not about replacing writers. Instead, it enables people to become better communicators. "After testing it out in the market, I realised our target audience shouldn’t be writers, but people who we wanted to help find their voice,” he said.

Since its birth in late 2021, StoryBuddy users from 40 countries have grown in numbers. It is expected to gain four million users and more, through several signed partnerships in Asia this year.

StoryBuddy is also set to have a collaborative function for teams, a mobile app, and a language module in Bahasa Indonesia later in 2022.

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