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Addressing workplace stress will be top priority for employers

HR TRENDS 2023: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on employee happiness and productivity, addressing employee stress, burnout, and other mental health concerns will become a top priority for businesses this year.

In Southeast Asia, superapp Grab partnered with Intellect and Ngee Ann Polytechnic to launch a mental health wellness programme for gig workers who may face higher levels of stress due to the increase in consumer demands.

The “Mental Wellness: Practical Tools to Safeguard and Enhance yours” course was developed by the three organisations with gig workers specifically in mind. By the end of the course, participants are expected to gain a practical and basic understanding of mental health and learn how to better deal with their anxiety or stress more effectively.

Meanwhile, tech company Amazon Singapore launched a new free mental health and well-being support program for its employees and their families. The enhanced benefits package, called the Employee Assistance Program allows employees and their families to access free resources, such as sessions with certified wellness coaches, webinars, personalised advice, and interactive self-care programs.

Similarly, creative network firm Publicis Groupe Malaysia enhanced its Employee Mental Wellness Program to further help workers manage stress and anxiety by introducing six key benefits:

  • Holiday on October 10 in celebration of the World Mental Health Day

  • Updated paid maternity and paternity leave entitlements

  • Sick leave updates that allow employees to convert two days from the 14-day allocation to rest days

  • Two days of unrecorded leave to attend to family emergency matters

  • Three days of study leave for employees pursuing industry-related education

  • Compassionate leave entitlement for first-trimester miscarriages

Globally, there is a rise in “chief happiness officers”. These are professionals who are responsible for employee satisfaction in a company. Over 4,000 companies have them, according to LinkedIn. It is expected that the number of these professionals will continue to rise as employee wellness gains more ground.

Many companies are realising that mental health is an important aspect of employee engagement. This year, more businesses are expected to come up with strategies to take better care of their employees. In return, higher employee morale will result in increased job satisfaction and productivity.

This article is from Chief of Staff Asia's latest report, Looking Ahead: HR Trends for 2023.

Click this link to access the full report.

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Addressing workplace stress will be top priority for employers

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